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The People’s Inquiry into Privatisation

How have the privatisation of services affected you, your family, and your community?As part of the CPSU, WAPOU is proud to ...... read more

New EBA on the table for members to vote on

You may be aware that last week at our Conference, your delegates endorsed the new draft EBA from the Department of Corrective ...... read more

New website launched

The WA Prison Officers' Union is very pleased to launch our new website, which will help us boost communications with ...... read more

Media Releases

WA should follow U.S. lead and dump private prisons

The WA Prison Officers Union has called on the State Government to follow the lead of the US Justice Department, which is ...... read more

Union sceptical about new incentive model for women's prison

The WA Prison Officers’ Union is highly sceptical about the government’s new incentive model for the private ...... read more

Union warns Bandyup overcrowding a threat to safety

The WA Prison Officers’ Union is warning that the situation at WA’s main women’s prison is becoming increasingly ...... read more

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