Media Releases

Overcrowding forces prisoners to sleep on the floor

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has raised concerns about prisoners at Bandyup women’s prison being forced to sleep on the floor because the facility is so overcrowded.The Union said that prisoners often had to sleep on ... Read More

State budget does nothing to alleviate prison overcrowding

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has raised concerns that the State Budget does nothing to alleviate the chronic overcrowding in the State’s prison system.WAPOU Secretary John Welch said the State Government had no ... Read More

State budget fails to compensate for rising prison population

The WA Prison Officers’ Union is very concerned that the State Government has no provision in its budget to compensate for the impact of its tough new burglary laws.While the budget does acknowledge there is a risk the ... Read More

Stabbing of prison officers highlights mental health issues in prisons

The WA Prison Officers’ Union says the stabbing of two prison officers on the weekend highlighted the increasing danger of dealing with mentally ill prisoners.Three prison officers were attacked by a prisoner at Casuarina ... Read More

Union calls for MPs not to vote for Prison Officers Bill

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has called on Lower House MP’s not to vote for the Prison Officers Discipline Bill, which is set to be debated in parliament this week.The Custodial Legislation (Officers Discipline) ... Read More

Report into Geraldton escape raises more questions than it answers

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has called for the State Government to release the full report into the escape of two prisoners in Geraldton, after the Executive Summary was tabled in Parliament.WAPOU Secretary John Welch ... Read More

WA prisons: short on space and staff

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has called for the government to open four empty prison units to alleviate overcrowding in the state’s prison system.The Union’s Secretary John Welch said the government had spent $67 ... Read More

Leaked documents reveal prison privatisation agenda

The WA Prison Officers’ Union is shocked by a document which recommends privatising more prison services and reducing the drug testing of prisoners to save the government money.The document is a summary of budget savings ... Read More

Report reveals Serco incompetence led to prisoner escape

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has called for private contractor Serco to be stripped of its prisoner transport contract, after the Corrective Services Commissioner admitted it was responsible for the escape of two ... Read More

Prison Officers Union and Government negotiate successful ‘in principle’ wage deal

The WA Prison Officers Union (WAPOU) and State Government have reached an ‘in principle’ wage deal following months of negotiation and widespread industrial action.Union Secretary John Welch congratulated his members on ... Read More

Barnett Government’s attention to solving of WA prison crowding crisis long overdue: prison officers

Media reports state one of WA's former top judges, Antoinette Kennedy, has today echoed the long-standing concern of prison officers – overcrowding in prisons has reached crisis point and urgent action is needed to fix ... Read More

We need safe prisons to back up law and order promises

The Liberal Party’s promise to fund mobile policing units must be backed by funding to ensure that extra pressure is not placed upon WA’s already overcrowded prisons, the WA Prison Officers Union said today.Today’s ... Read More

Punched in the face, spat on with blood: Prison officers assaulted at Hakea Prison

A female officer was punched in the face, while her colleague had blood spat in his face at Hakea prison yesterday.The officers were assaulted when they intervened in an altercation between two prisoners at the video court ... Read More

Out-of-hours court sittings: a stretch on prison resources?

The Liberal Party’s promise to fund out-of-hours court sittings does not explain how it will pay for additional prison officers to deal with any extra burden on the prison system, the WA Prison Officers’ Union said ... Read More

Three prison officers assaulted at Albany: overcrowding fears went unheeded

The Western Australian Prison Officer’s Union warns the overcrowding of the state’s prisons has contributed to the recent assault of three prison officers at Albany Regional Prison.About 20 prisoners were involved in a ... Read More