Media Releases

Prison officers ask Bunbury to ‘Respect the Risk’

The WA Prison Officers’ Union is visiting Bunbury and the South West region today to raise awareness of the risks faced by local Prison Officers who help manage some of the state’s most violent individuals.Bunbury ... Read More

Two more prison officers assaulted at work

Two more prison officers at Hakea Prison have been assaulted at work over the past few days bringing the total to five attacks this week, after three prison officers were assaulted at Greenough Regional Prison over the ... Read More

More prison officers assaulted yet the Barnett Government still refusing to negotiate

Another three prison officers were assaulted at Greenough Regional Prison over the weekend after intervening to stop a fight between notorious wheelie-bin killer Valerie Parashumti and another prisoner.The three injured ... Read More

Bitter sweet prison result in the Northwest

The opening of a new prison facility in Derby is being welcomed, but it doesn’t go far enough to help the serious problem of overcrowding in WA prisons.The gross overcrowding of WA prisons has led to the launch of the ... Read More

Prison Officers Ask Regional WA to ‘Respect the Risk’

The WA Prison Officers’ Union are in Albany today for the regional WA launch of the new Respect the Risk advertising campaign – a campaign that seeks to highlight the concerns of Prison Officers working at Albany ... Read More

Prison Officers Turn Their Backs on State Parliament After Minister Cowper Refuses to Support Them

Dozens of Western Australian prison officers have turned their backs on State Parliament and walked out of the Legislative Assembly’s Question Time this afternoon after Minister for Corrective Services, Murray Cowper, ... Read More

WA Prison Officers’ Union Launch Major Respect the Risk Advertising Campaign

The Western Australian Prison Officers’ Union has launched a major advertising campaign to raise the concerns of Prison Officers working in the state’s prison system.WAPOU Secretary John Welch said the “Respect the ... Read More

Independent report confirms ‘serious challenges’ and overcrowding at Albany Regional Prison

The release of a new report by Western Australia’s Inspector of Custodial Services, Neil Morgan, into Albany Regional Prison has confirmed what the WA Prison Officers’ Union (WAPOU) has been saying for months – that ... Read More

Fill Empty Beds at Regional Prisons Before Expanding Acacia

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has called on the Barnett Government to prioritise the opening of empty prison beds at Hakea, Bunbury and Albany Regional Prisons before spending money on the expansion of the privately run ... Read More

Barnett Government still in denial over WA Prison overcrowding

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has criticised the Minister for Corrective Services, Terry Redman, for again failing to admit that WA’s Prisons are massively overcrowded.Under questioning today in State Parliament’s ... Read More

Overcrowding reaching breaking point at roebourne prison

The WA Prison Officers’ Union (WAPOU) has called on the Barnett Government to act immediately to address the chronic overcrowding at Roebourne Regional Prison.WAPOU Secretary John Welch said new facilities were urgently ... Read More

New Eastern Goldfields Prison now in jeopardy thanks to new budget cuts

The future of the planned new Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison is now in jeopardy as a result of the Barnett Government’s announcement this week of funding cuts to the Department of Corrective Services.“The prison ... Read More

WA community at risk from new government cuts to prisons

The Barnett Government’s announcement yesterday of a 2% funding cut to the Department of Corrective Services this year and further cuts of 3% over coming years puts the Western Australian community further at risk says WA ... Read More

WAPOU challenges government to come clean about the details of the contract with Serco

WAPOU Secretary John Welch called for the government to release the details of its contract with Serco for the provision of privatised Prison services at Rangeview facility.He said that recent revelations that Serco intended ... Read More

Prison Officers to highlight dangerous levels of overcrowding at Bunbury Regional Prison

WA Prison Officers Union officials will tomorrow (March 15th) visit the Bunbury Regional Prison to investigate staffing levels and potentially dangerous conditions at the prison.WAPOU  Secretary John Welch said the ... Read More