Broome Regional Prison's Future in Jeopardy

WA Prison Officers’ Union Secretary John Welch today called on the Barnett Government to come clean on their plans for the future of Broome Regional Prison.

With rumours of the prison’s demise circulating throughout the Broome community Mr Welch said it was time for the State Government to make public their intentions for the future of the facility.

“We are worried for the future of Broome Prison, we know that a range of options are being considered including closure,” said Mr Welch.

“Broome Prison is an important economic contributor to the Broome economy. With a total prison officer staffing of 63 workers being paid an average wage of $70,000 the loss to the Broome economy if the prison closed would be up to $4.4 million per annum.

“If 63 workers lose their jobs that could be 63 families forced to leave the community.

“The working conditions of Broome’s Prison Officers are already difficult and now the State Government is adding an extra level of stress to these officers who don’t know whether they’ll have jobs in the future.

“With a state election due in just over a year and the government looking to win the seat of Kimberley we need a decision for the long-term and not just the election.

“We need a decision made early to allow staff to manage the change. Of course we want the Prison open – the courts are in Broome and it would be ridiculous to close Broome as a remand facility.

“If Broome Prison is closed all prisoners would have to be transported to Derby which was never designed as a Remand Facility,” said Mr Welch

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