WA Prison Officers’ Union Launch Major Respect the Risk Advertising Campaign

The Western Australian Prison Officers’ Union has launched a major advertising campaign to raise the concerns of Prison Officers working in the state’s prison system.

WAPOU Secretary John Welch said the “Respect the Risk “ campaign was about getting a fairer deal for Prison Officers from the Barnett Government.

“This campaign is about raising awareness of the risks faced by WA Prison Officers every day at work in managing the state’s most violent individuals.

“We are calling on the Barnett-Grylls Government to ensure that we have the levels of staff needed to keep our prisons as safe as they can be for the workers. We seek new facilities so our members can manage prisoners in safe surroundings.

“We seek fair pay and conditions that recognise the risks our members face in managing violent offenders and keeping the community safe, said Mr Welch.

In what’s believed to be a first for any Australian prison officers’ union, Mr Welch said the union will be using television, radio and print advertisements to get the message across to the government and out in to the community.

The Respect the Risk Campaign truck will visit marginal seats over the next few months to make sure the message is heard loud and strong.

“If we want to keep the great staff we have working in our prison system and attract more to fill the vacancies that exist then these workers need to be paid fair wages.

“We’ve been asking for action from the State Government on these issues for a while now. It’s time they matched their tough law and order rhetoric with action.

“Now is the time for all politicians to respect the risks prison officers face every day,” said Mr Welch.

Download this media release for more information